The impressive characterization in Manhater is something often overlooked in favor of big budget effects and big name stars found in the summer hit movies.
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This is a bonus Manhater track by composer Greg Stitt that is not on the Soundtrack CD. There's a story here too; you will not be disappointed. This is a great piece of music!
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The reviews continue to come in quite positive. Indie filmmaking is challenging given inherent limitations so it's great to see a movie succeed. Enjoy.

Jaded Viewer
I had a chance to watch Manhater, which is pure DIY filmmaking where everybody has multiple jobs and the crew and cast does it for the joy of making a good movie. You see that passion and excitement in these low budget flicks.
Manhater is definitely an ambitious film that is like a cross between a Lifetime movie of the week, Species and Supernatural. Have I ever seen a supernatural women scorn revenge film? Nope. This is what makes it different and also interesting to watch.
Even for a minimal budget flick like this, seeing the creativeness and collaboration is remarkable. But what will make Manhater memorable is the titular character Enyo with emphasis on tit. Ariel X who is a porn star is naked in like 80% of the movie and belts out the best one liners and kill scenes in the entire flick.
Jaded Viewer
The Moon is a Dead World
Calderone's script is nicely focused and progresses fairly rapidly. It's well-written, and the lines are delivered well by the actors - this might seem like pointless praise as it's an actor's job to be good at reading lines, but it's not always so in indie films like Manhater.
The film makes its entrance with a grand slam scene of abuse as Vonda's new boyfriend, Bruce (John Henry), attempts to cut Vonda up in the throes of passion. The gritty home-video quality of the film makes the scene all the more realistic, and Henry gives a stunning performance as a sadistic yet reserved villain. It's such a surprise at the opening that it's already a great introduction to Vonda's hazardous life.
Manhater is not the stereotypical revenge story like I Spit On Your Grave, but one where the abused actually sympathizes with her abusers in the face of the murderous Enyo. In a way, it does stay true to the filmmaker's opinion that we've never seen something like this before: it seems like a typical revenge story, but with a few additions that create something new from the formula. All in all, the film's done some good ground-breaking on the plot with the budget they had. The film's score is great and the acting above-par.
The Moon is a Dead World
Horror Movie Night
Manhater gives us a compelling story whose fantasy is based on the too true fact, possible fact, seeming fact that all women have some asshole in her past who made her feel like crap and who draws out violent reactions in these women. And some women, like poor Vonda, have a lot of assholes in their past.
The script is a tight story without loose ends and inconsistencies. Without those distractions often found in horror movies, we're left to be engrossed in the plot.
Now, Manhater could easily be mistaken for a pro-feminist, anti-male story, but it's not. The women are hardly shown as noble and perfect, and the men aren't all troglodytes. As with any good story, the characters are well rounded. The impressive characterization in Manhater is something often overlooked in favor for big budget effects and big name stars found in the summer hit movies.
Horror Movie Night
I Like Horror Movies
MANHATER makes an honest effort at masking its limitations with ambitious effects and a strong social conscious. Few Horror entries have attempted to tackle the issue of domestic abuse head on, let alone in such a violent manner. MANHATER includes a great deal of bloodshed, nudity, and savagery that is contextualized into the plot rather than becoming gratuitous, which is refreshing in a genre built on sensationalism.
As a unique revenge film that crosses the Southern Gothic classic PUMPKINHEAD with Eastern influences like JU-ON, MANHATER is able to mold its heavy theme into a workable Horror movie.
Horror News
As unrealistic as a demon being summoned to get revenge on ex’s sounds, the thought that it could happen makes “Manhater” a tale of interest to female horror viewers out there. The nude demon that was Ariel X provided eye candy for the male horror movie viewers out there, and had plenty of blood to please fans of blood and gore. I felt a lot of admiration for Ariel X going through the long hours of body paint and makeup for the movie, and spending most of the movie almost completely nude.
Anthony Doublin’s “Manhater” is a revenge horror flick that stands out beside the typical raging serial killer targeting young women (and sometimes men).
Scary Film Review
This film written and produced by Phil Calderone, doesn't look amazing at first glance, but if you stick it out, you see some cool effects, despite lack of budget and lack of major film studio, and major actors.
The first thing you'll notice is the way it is filmed, it has a very tv drama feel, and some casual fans will find that distracting, but if you can get past the lack of visualization, you'll be able to peel back the layers to something more. The editing is good, even if the sound suffers from time to time. So while it might not be a big budget affair, the movie feels like a movie and not another wasted straight to dvd affair, like other films I've reviewed for this site.
The gore effects are great, simply because it's not CG it's real gore effects, real looking blood, and guts. That's a plus indeed for me, because as of late, a lot of the higher budget films have fake blood that's not only fake, it's computer generated.
This independent film gets a good nod from me, simply because it's different. You're not going to find this film too predictable, and horror fans will appreciate the thought that went into the film. The editing is good, and the gore is far better than many recent scyfy and straight to dvd films I've seen.
Scary Film Review
Horror Stew
There's plenty of T & A in this film and gore to keep your interest and a good storyline! Check out Manhater!
The Manhater is a witchy woman with fingernails to rival Wolverine, Freddy Krueger and Dragon Ladies everywhere.
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