The impressive characterization in Manhater is something often overlooked in favor of big budget effects and big name stars found in the summer hit movies.
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This is a bonus Manhater track by composer Greg Stitt that is not on the Soundtrack CD. There's a story here too; you will not be disappointed. This is a great piece of music!
Award Winning -- Best Original Soundtrack    Manhater (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Greg Stitt

Philip CalderonePhilip R. Calderone
Writer, Producer

Phil is one of those people who sits in a movie theatre reading all the credits long after the room has cleared, an instinctual practice that has persisted since childhood. Educated in production at UCLA he has worked on and off since 1990, with some extended breaks for a (ahem...) "real" job. He has written for network and development television (sadly, unfulfilled), produced television commercials for Jimmy Oz Productions and spent a year developing an infomercial while editing the audio content of a teen help line. (Hey, it was the 90's)

What was missing in this diverse background? A passion for the work since his interest is and always has been in movies. Luckily, he eventually had an opportunity to work as First Assistant Director on a horror film and the flame was lit--he's now committed to movie production and here to stay.

Phil is the writer/producer of Manhater as well as the executive producer and music supervisor along with a few more titles.

Anthony DoublinAnthony Doublin
Director, Director of Photography

Tony has almost thirty years of experience in production and visual effects. He holds two shared Emmy awards for his work in Star Trek: The Next Generation, however he is best known in fan community for his Makeup Effects work in the cult-favorite film, Reanimator.

His extensive resume extends from work on commercials to films, including Lawnmover Man, Children of the Corn III, Carnosaur, and The Flash television series. Please check out his site from our links page for a much more extensive list of his work and talents.

On Manhater, Tony wears the multiple hats of director and director of photography, with additional work in editing, visual effects and make up effect and creature concepts.

JoLyon ReeseJoLyon Reese
Second Unit Director

Lyon has a background as an actor, a significant resume of work as a First Assistant Director, and with Manhater is moving into the arena of a Director. He joined us for our two day reshoot as Second Unit Director.

If his work with us is any indication of his talent, it's significant. Always thinking, always looking for a creative way to improve a scene, he not only helped us make the fixes we were after but raised the bar. His background as an actor was particularly apparent in his interactions with our cast. Remember his name.

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