The impressive characterization in Manhater is something often overlooked in favor of big budget effects and big name stars found in the summer hit movies.
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This is a bonus Manhater track by composer Greg Stitt that is not on the Soundtrack CD. There's a story here too; you will not be disappointed. This is a great piece of music!
Award Winning -- Best Original Soundtrack    Manhater (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Greg Stitt
Phil & Tony On Set The Manhater saga began with the idea of a creature--one that could be done on a minimal budget (that being a generous term)--using makeup, a wig, and perhaps a mouthpiece. A brainstorming session yielded two other elements--the desire to do a story about a witch and the general "manhating" concept.

These three ingredients went to paper and what arose three months later was the script for Manhater giving rise to Vonda Madding, a woman with a world's worst ability in picking good men, Bruce Helson, the husband who finally pushes her over the edge, Eileen Trost, a new-age witch with ambitions beyond her mundane world, and Enyo, the infamous Sgree creature.

It was a hurried three months of preproduction--definitely not recommended. Garage sales became the scouting ground for dozens of witches props to populate both Eileen's Mystic Dreams shop and her more diabolical back room. The internet was an indispensible tool in pulling together cast and crew, those tireless souls who put their faith in you the audience to one day buy the movie, in hopes of collecting their deferred salaries. (Don't let them down. It's within your power!)

Principal photography took place soon after, several years of post-production and now the eternal challenge of spreading the word. (This is the fun part because I finally get to show the movie and meet fans all over the country.)

There is much more to this Making Of story so for the whole picture buy the DVD--lots of featurettes and a full-length audio commentary track. Meanwhile, check out the rest of this web site and enjoy the production pics.

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