The impressive characterization in Manhater is something often overlooked in favor of big budget effects and big name stars found in the summer hit movies.
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This is a bonus Manhater track by composer Greg Stitt that is not on the Soundtrack CD. There's a story here too; you will not be disappointed. This is a great piece of music!
Award Winning -- Best Original Soundtrack    Manhater (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Greg Stitt
Lunchtime on the Manhater Set
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April 2010:
  • So much has happened, including the World Premiere at the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema and the BEST ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK award. Congratulations Greg!
  • DVD release is pending. Will be first available at the Denver Horrorfest event, then soon afterward on this web site.
  • April 16-18th, Denver, CO: Starfest Horrorfest event. Screening, panel appearance, DVD (etc) sale.
  • May 21-23rd, Los Angeles, CA: Creation Weekend of Horrors. Appearance, DVD (etc) sale. (news on screening is pending)
Oct 2009:
  • Didn't get into the first fest but no surprise; was a major fest and had to try one just to take a shot. This does buy me some time to make an improvement pass on the picture quality so that's happening now. Doing same on final sound mix so that next time out (and forward) we'll put our best product forward.
  • Have decided to use Facebook as the primary promotional site because of its feature set, though will continue this here for now. Also am starting to post unique material to that site only so please visit and "Become a Fan"--button at top of page.
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    I'm going to roll out material over time to keep it interesting. First thing up is a "Making Of" on the Sound of Manhater.
  • MySpace continues too of course, past 2700 friends now. Still time to reach my goal of 3000 by the end of October so tell your friends if you're a MySpace person. Facebook is growing rapidly too, catching up quickly. Combined we've crossed 4200 friends, all this without advertising dollars spent!
Sept 2009:
  • Things are moving briskly now. The movie has been submitted to its first film festival while I polish the final picture quality. Deadline for a second festival is later in September and then there's a third soon after. Still wondering where the world premiere will be.
  • Building fan base in earnest now, MySpace and Facebook. MySpace has passed 2200 Friends and Facebook is off to a good start with almost 300 and growing. Good news on the demographics--there is interest beyond the 18-30 year old horror audience because of the subject matter.
July 2009:
  • Finding ourselves in the same position as last year but this time it's more acute--now within a four-week window to submit the movie for a targeted film festival. It has been five long years since this independent project began and the finish line is finally within reach. Three tracks are happening now--the final special effect (Andreas), color correction (Phil) and the final sound mix (Kyle DiSanto of Soulwound Productions, expanding his talents into the realm of feature film work). All are on schedule.
  • Have also returned to building the audience and word of mouth for Manhater, continuing via MySpace and soon via Facebook, even Twitter (@pcfallsprod). Response is very encouraging, in particular because the theme is garnering interest beyond it's core demographic (females aged 18-30), to age 45 and higher. We are being even more selective on our Friend invitations at this point, wanting to make contact with true audience rather than those with self-promotional interests such as actors, models, and musicians. I feel a bit bad about that since many of those folks are friends and fans of the genre so perhaps will open up down the road. However for now the intent is to build core interest in Manhater, not use a bot to gather thousands of friends and artifically bloat the numbers.
  • Finally, as you know I'm a huge fan of Greg's music. He has a new website up with samples of the entire Manhater score. Your life will be enriched by hearing his creative work. Mark my words, this score will get some critical praise; you heard it here first. Visit him at
March, 2008:
  • There is a hard push to get this beast finished now. Festival deadlines for the October horror season begin to hit on July 1st so we've got a June 30th deadline for full completion. That's all too close but necessary now.
  • MySpace: the page has grown and the Friends list is growing too. We are not using bots to artifically inflate the fan base so if you visit you'll find folks truly interested in the movie and its themes. Still there are tons more people who would be interested in these concepts so please pass the word. More content will be added over time, including discussion around these themes.
  • What has me most excited is the score that is being composed by Greg Stitt. My favorite emails these days are getting notice of a new scene just completed. Simply put, his music is phenomenal. I can't wait to watch the movie with all the music in place, mixed properly, etc. For a tidbit of his talent just visit the Manhater MySpace page.
October, 2007:
  • Flashing way forward. Limited time and family committments have slowed things down up to now though they never stopped. But we're back on track now in a big way.
  • Final edit has been completed so we have an end-to-end cut timing at 91 minutes--just over target. Being delivered to colorist and composer.
  • Unfortunately still having FX crew turnover. Hard to hold people with limited funds, though there is a crack in that source finally. Some important effects yet to finish.
  • Kudos to Jana Germano who did some great work for us as a Digital Compositor. Visit her at:
  • BIG NEWS: MySpace page has been set up and there is a first trailer!  Check it out, spread the word, join us as MySpace friends, and please give us feedback!
  • Manhater Movie on MySpace
June, 2006:
  • Travel continues down this long but happy road. First up I'm excited to announce that three more people have been brought on board to work on digital effects. They are led by Andreas Jablonka, a new and seriously talented digital artist. He's new in the business, the friendliest guy you'll ever meet, and I'm honored that he agreed to be our Visual Effects Supervisor. Manhater is the first entry on his IMDb profile, followed by none other than the Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, and now Rocky Balboa (aka Rocky VI). Talk about getting into the business fast out of the gate. More on the team next time.
  • On a parallel track, the sound edit is progressing well, with dialogue edit done (except for some ADR), basic effects and foley done; now working on production effects. Following this will be sound design and special audio effects (zips, zaps, crackles and booms). I can't wait to hear what Enyo sounds like.
  • Just had an interesting weekend at the Fangoria convention in Burbank, CA. Lots of input on how these movies are being marketed. Still trying to keep a somewhat low profile at this stage, but I did test out wearing the Release the Manhater t-shirt for the first time and got positive responses--a good sign.
  • Finally, I know you're all itching to see the first trailer for this beast. Patience, my friends, you will be well rewarded. I'm holding off until more of the effects are done. Want to make a good first impression.
February, 2006:
  • Too long between updates; time does fly. The extra web page and photos have been posted from the reshoot, so check those out under Production.
  • As for progess, the edit has been completed and it's on to special visual and sound effects now. An effects team is being hired as we speak, to begin work next week.
  • As expected, the performances have come together nicely. It's gratifying to see the transition from actors talking on a screen to the viewer's eye of watching "real" characters in their world. Editing is a powerful tool. This is similar to what I felt as a writer during production--when the actors started doing their scenes the words on the script were no longer mine, but the character's. From that point on it was hard to imagine anyone but these actors in these roles.
October, 2005:
  • Reshot for one weekend, 10/15 & 16th with a great 2nd Unit Director. I'll post some pictures soon. One scene (43 for future reference) was reshot completely in a very different way. I'm very excited about this new material; it's going to look great.
  • Lesson for the month: keep all your props and set dressings in case you need to do something again. We had a blue recliner chair in the scene and needed it back. Since it had been sold on eBay last year it wasn't available. The solution was to build a chair back and left armrest from scratch--a neat trick. Look for the MED SHOTS of Vonda in the chair...
  • This will take us back in schedule a bit, having to re-edit 4 scenes from scratch but it will be well worth it.
September, 2005:
  • After a near final-cut with available material, a decision was made to reshoot elements of 4 scenes since all could be done at one location. Unless you're really experienced, no matter how hard you try it's nearly impossible to get everything right when you're a) doing your first film, b) working on a very limited budget, c) working 14-hour days with a green crew. So given the time we've had to save up a bit of money we decided to reshoot a few things to improve various elements for various reasons.
  • It's sinking in how much work remains (want to do this right!). Putting the word out for more post-production help.
August, 2005:
  • Post-production being transferred from Adobe Premiere to Final Cut Pro, with a few lessons learned on the difficulty of doing this! Apple's presentation of Final Cut Studio at this year's NAB convention (National Association of Broadcasters) was the clincher--a nifty software package that will give us enhanced abilities for editing, graphics, sound, and DVD finishing.
June, 2005:
  • Public announcement of the Manhater movie through this website.
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