"The impressive characterization in Manhater is something often overlooked in favor of big budget effects and big name stars found in the summer hit movies."
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Award Winning -- Best Original Soundtrack    Manhater (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Greg Stitt
Manhater Trailer Vonda looking over shoulder Vonda Madding has a history of terrible relationships with men. An abusive husband is the last straw she swears to get all the scumbag men out of her life.
But what can she do? Eileen Trost has the answer--a witch's potion to free Vonda of hateful thoughts and make her forget them once and for all.
Suddenly her ex-boyfriends are being murdered and the police's only suspect is Vonda. But they don't know about Enyo, and they won't believe what is really happening...

This is Manhater, an indie movie that reaches beyond typical low-budget horror fare and delivers something one step better--a good, unique story.

You have not seen this one before.

Unrated and Violence warning
Best Original Soundtrack Award IIFC Festival Screening Louisville Fright Night Festival Screening Denver Horrorfest Screening

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Best Original Soundtrack Award

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